You, the consumer, are responsible for:

  1. Inserting the correct price. For incorrect prices, we may charge you the difference in addition to a possible processing fee.
  2. Inserting the store price and not the online price (if there is one). When our drivers get to the store and have to pay more, see point #1. However, our drivers will attempt to have the store match the online price. If the store refuses, you will be charged the difference. By agreeing to these terms and/or the other technical terms, you are waiving your right to dispute any additional charges in terms of paying a higher price than the price you indicated on the form.
  3. Ensuring that product information from printed material is valid and applicable to the location.
  4. Not ordering something that a passenger vehicle cannot handle. We are not going to deliver you twenty 24″ x 24″ patio slabs. The ideal weight per product should be no more than 50 lbs to 75 lbs, but we may let a few things slide here and there. The maximum weight of the total delivery should not exceed 300 lbs.
  5. Being where you are supposed to be when we show up. Our drivers will give you a 5 minute grace period. After that, they will return the product to the store. We will return the product cost to you, but not the delivery cost. There may also be a processing fee.
  6. To put in simply, you are responsible for inserting the correct information in all the other fields. We are not responsible for errors.
  7. Confirming that you have received the receipt(s) of your purchase(s).
  8. For making sure that the product is in stock.
  9. For placing the order within the open hours of the store(s).
  10. Notifying Bring It Now immediately if there are any issues with your received purchase.
  11. Not exchanging any personal information with the driver or letting them into your house.
  12. Acknowledging that our one hour service may not include certain massive stores such as Ikea, Costco, etc. In theses cases, the product may arrive in an hour and a few minutes, worst case scenario.
  13. We do not deliver anything illegal or to persons of under the age of 18. We do not deliver alcohol or smoking products.
  14. Acknowledging that we add a 3% transaction fee to the final total. This is to cover the cost of doing an online transaction (Note: you’re going to get it back through our customer loyalty program).

To read the terms of service in a long, boring and technical way, click here.

*Important: Terms of Service and Consumer Responsibilities may change without notice.