Order using Superstore’s Click and Collect

Now you can pay for your products using Superstore’s Click and Collect and have Bring It Now deliver it to you!

Please note that this is currently only available for Winnipeg.

How to order:

  1. Go to www.realcanadiansuperstore.ca
  2. Click on Start A New Order in the top right corner
  3. Find the closest store to you using the Store Locator
  4. Click the Shop button beside the store
  5. Select your products and quantities (Minimum order is $30)
  6. Click on Checkout in the top right corner
  7. Review your order and select the Pick Up time
  8. Click Checkout
  9. Login to your Superstore Click and Collect account
  10. Pay for your order
  11. Open up the Bring It Now Order Now page (www.bringitnow.ca/order-now)
  12. Input your contact info (if you create an account and sign in, this will automatically populate)
  13. Start typing the name of the store (in this case, Superstore) and when the location appears, select it
    • If for whatever reason your store doesn’t appear, enter the full address manually
  14. Click Add a product via URL
  15. Enter this URL: www.bringitnow.ca/superstore
  16. For Quantity, enter 1
  17. For Price, enter 0.01
  18. Select Bring It Later and enter the time your order is supposed to be ready
    • Note: You can choose Bring It Now within 15 mins of the time your order is supposed to be ready for pickup. For example, if your order is supposed to be ready at 5 PM, you can select Bring It Now at 4:45 PM or later, but not before.
  19. Add any Additional Information and read and click on I agree with the terms and conditions
  20. Click Estimate
  21. Click Bring It! to pay for your order
  22. When we receive your order, we will contact you with the name of the driver who is to pick up your order. You must forward us your Superstore Order is Ready for Pickup confirmation email and call the Superstore store location to tell them:
    1. The name of our driver
    2. Your order number

That’s it!

Now, you just wait for your order to come to your door!

Please note: We are not affiliated with Real Canadian Superstore or any other legal entities owned by Loblaw Companies